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Does a baby that is cloned have a soul?

When God created mankind, He created us male and female and His plan for mankind was that we would bring forth offspring (procreate) through the sexual union of a husband and wife.This has been God's plan from the beginning, as it is today, and will be tomorrow.  To clone a human being (if it were possible) would be against God's plan for mankind.

In our day and age however, there is a desire among some to alter God's plan of procreation for human beings.  Their desire is to clone a human being; so naturally, the question arises "Does a baby that is cloned have a soul?"

Human beings consist of a physical side (the body) and an immaterial side (the soul and spirit).  Just as we receive our physical side from our parents, many theologians believe that our immaterial side (our soul and spirit) is also passed from generation to generation through procreation.  According to the Bible, when the immaterial side (the soul and spirit) departs, death of the body occurs.If a human being is physically alive, then they have a body, soul, and spirit.3


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