Now days my faith in God is so weak that I feel like giving up - I feel so

far from Him. I'm not able to pray as I did before - I feel like I've lost my faith. I know God loves me, and I want to spend time with Him, but I don't. What's wrong with me? bible perspective

  What is God's plan for my life? bible perspective

  Is it true that even though God forgives us when we sin we will not be

as blessed as before? bible perspective

  Should we keep asking God for the same thing over and over, or

should we ask only once believing that He will grant our request in times of difficulty? bible perspective

  The Bible speaks of rewards when we get to heaven.  What kind of

rewards will they be? bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about marrying outside of your race?

bible perspective

  What happens to children if they die before they are saved?

bible perspective

  How can I say no to temptation when the temptation to sin is so

strong? bible perspective

  Why did God create Satan? bible perspective

  Does Satan know what we think? bible perspective

  Does a baby that is cloned have a soul? bible perspective

  Is the exact day that we will die already determined? bible perspective

  When is the world going to end? bible perspective

  If you were talking to someone who claimed that they didn't believe in

God, what would your argument be that He exists? bible perspective

  What are the benefits of being in fellowship with God?

bible perspective

  If we are forgiven our sins, why do we, as Christians, go to God and

ask forgiveness of sin? bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about divorce and re-marriage for a Christian?

bible perspective

  Does the Bible say it's OK to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?  What

about sex before marriage? bible perspective

  I want to be married.  What do I need to look for in a wife?

bible perspective

  Why does God allow suffering in the world?  If a baby is born with a

genetic disease, is this God's will? bible perspective

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